Q: What made you want to come back?

A: We do enjoy broadcasting, that was never the reason to consider closing. We were burnt out, but after a while with less to do, we are revitalized!

Q: Why is such a limited availability being offered?

A: A few reasons; Higher production value is more time spent to prepare for each broadcast, we want to avoid burnout, we want to maintain personal free time, we want to race ourselves!!

Q: What do you mean by “higher production value”?

A: A more professional and authentic broadcast. More TV style graphics, better audio, more advertising of races. We want to give you an even better broadcast and ensure as many people as possible see it.

Q: Why is the price going up????

A: I’ll be completely honest… As much time and money goes into production and maintenance of equipment, we need ROI (return on investment) and to make the time input, worth it. We understand league budgets are tight and money is tough so we still try to be lower than many others. But unfortunately we will not lower or participate in negotiations.

Q: Why do you charge a “PayPal fee”

A: For protection of the client and PTRTV, we prefer to conduct business via invoices. We do charge the fee in order to ensure we receive full list price for each event. It ends up only being around $1.50 each event. But offers security for both parties in the event of any issues or weird situations. “Friends & Family” payments on large transactions are a huge risk and liability to all parties involved and we choose to avoid that entirely.

Q: My league is 20 weeks, why will you only commit to 16 weeks maximum?

A: Quite simply, in the grand scheme on “real life” a lot can change quickly. Where I [Corey] have two kids and a wife, things come up and situations and schedules change. We will offer a notice of renewal at 12 weeks into coverage. At that point we will confirm that we can cover beyond or unfortunately state that we cannot extend coverage further. We do this to give you one month to plan out other options for you league.

Q: Will you be on iRacingLIVE?

A: It is not a guarantee, but we do have a working relationship with iRacing so there is a good possibility we can get content on there.

Q: Now that you are an iRacing E-Sports Network partner, how do I get my league on it??

A: We will make NO promises or guarantees that races will make it on there. Leagues with large car counts and a reputation for quality racing can be submitted to iRacing by us for approval. Then the decison is in their hands on if we can air on that platform.

Q: What happened to your merger with LSRTV?

A: We decided upon our decision to reopen, that we no longer wanted to operate “under” someone else. We realized that we had a good platform here in the making, and wanted to continue to grow this as big as we can. We however, thank them immensely for allowing us to broadcast on their channel. It definitely helped us grow and gain exposure!

Q: Are you accepting channel sponsorship opportunities?

A: We are always open to discussion with companies who would like exposure on PTRTV! Please contact Corey to discuss further.